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Perhaps you’re asking “Why should I hire a freelance writer? I can write my own story. Or I can have my employees do it. Or I can hire an advertising firm.” Well, yes, you can do any or all of those things. If you have the time. If your employees have the time. If you have the money. But if you have these things, then you either have more business than you can handle, or not enough.

Either way, your time, your staff and your resources should be devoted to doing the things that help you build your business. By outsourcing the writing to me, you get a professional who will focus 100 percent of his effort on your project for the duration of that project. You pay only for the time spent, and you don’t have to pay the extra costs of keeping a full- or part-time employee on staff for short-term projects.

Most importantly, you get a professional writer who has spent more than 20 years honing his craft and earning the respect of his bosses, his clients and their readers. To stand out, your story – whether in a brochure, a marketing piece, sales letter or on a website — has to be sharp enough to get to the point quickly and keep the reader from turning away before you have a chance to make your case. You need the right words, in the right order. No more, no less.

That’s what I do.

My services include but are not limited to:

Annual Reports
Crisis Communication
Direct Mail
Executive Bios
Feature Articles
Media Relations
News Releases
White Papers

Writer On-Call:

I also offer a contract writing service based on a monthly fee. This 8-, 10- or 12-hour monthly contract allows me to serve as your “in-house writer” — without the accompanying salary and benefits costs of a full-time employee. Instead of $30,000 to $60,000 a year for a full-time and often unnecessary marketing manager, I can provide your critical marketing collateral, web content, promotional material, sales letters and other written communications for a fraction of that cost.

Call today. 484-860-2289 or email

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